Calcite and jasper

Total weight 50g, consisting of two earrings calcite cabochon 17 mm and 540 mm necklace

Jasper earrings

Two earrings made of polychrome jasper cabochon 19mm

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39,00 € Set of calcite and jasper


39,00 € Set of multicolored jasper

Silver jewelry

The silver is part of precious metals like Gold and Platinum, it is increasingly used to make silver jewelry. However, it has a special feature: it easily tarnishes in air. A layer of silver sulfide appears, this layer can be removed easily with a suitable cleaning agent.

Pearls Philippines

Pearl farms in the Philippines are located near areas attached to responsible tourism, to the north of Palawan, near Flower Island. Many factors make the Philippines one of the largest producing countries natural quality pearls as biodiversity, clean waters or the rich plankton. Pearl farmers are aware of the fragility of the environment and have become true protectors.

Stones Madagascar

Ornamental stones from Madagascar or industrial use in the manufacture of jewelry are very popular globally. They account for the majority of goods by offering competitive prices to traders. This situation makes it difficult to supply key raw materials, but it does significantly increase the price of ornament used in the manufacture of jewelry stones.

One word about our products

  • Pearl Color
    Write on Monday, 03 March 2014 07:11 An untrained eye can easily distinguish nine colors pearl : white, pink, cream, cream pink, gold, green, blue, gray and black. Sub gray, green, brown, blue, yellow and pink shades can occur when the... Readmore
    1 of 7 sapphire in the world come from Madagascar against 1 of 10 ruby
    Write on Monday, 10 March 2014 10:53     Better, Madagascar is considered the largest producer of pink sapphires color intense interest the greatest jewelers in the world. It should also be noted that Madagascar is the only country to... Readmore
  • The lure of gold and tourist interest
    Write on Monday, 10 March 2014 07:35 Lure of gold However, currently we are witnessing a shift away from the extraction of stones in favor of the gold The soaring price of gold makes this a very attractive material, but it is especially... Readmore
    The gemstone market
    Write on Monday, 10 March 2014 07:42   The gemstone market Sapphire is trading about 2 million Ariary per gram for large parts, but the price varies depending on the quality and the quantity purchased. The stones are sold by the miners... Readmore
  • Precious stones in Madagascar
    Write on Monday, 10 March 2014 07:15   Precious stones in Madagascar We found almost all the gems in Madagascar. It is easier to include those that have not yet been found than enumerate the long list of those whose presence is proved... Readmore

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